This page is a cumilation of my work and work that inspires me. The display case in the second image is filled with my late grandfather, Chuck Stewart's, work, who was a renowned photographer in the early 50s to late 90s. The yellow portrait is by Jean-Michel Basquiat which was located at the Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure exhibition in New York. Both images are clickable, and redirect to their respective websites. The third item is a playlist of music that has helped spark my creativity throughout the process.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

self image

Self, 2022
Digital Art

Chuck Stewart Photography LLC
Guinness Cork Jazz Festival

My Playlist

Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat

King Pleasure: Jean Michel Basquiat

Big Ben
London, England

`New Faces` piece in-progress

New Faces, 2022
Oil paint on acrylic canvas

Brick Lane
Tower Hamlets, London, England

Lalla Takerkoust, Morocco

Koi fish

Koi, 2018
Stick and ink on paper